Business Strategy

BioRexis is initially focusing on peptides and proteins used in chronic applications. Worldwide sales for this broad segment of the therapeutic protein market are estimated to be in excess of $21 billion, and are projected to triple to more than $65 billion by 2010.

Our goal in selecting initial projects was to choose targets that would demonstrate the broad applicability of our technology to potential partners, while at the same time providing attractive commercial potential. Our products target three broad applications:

Engineering of peptides into transferrin to enhance efficacy and safety by increasing the half-life, while at the same time decreasing the cost of treatment.
Developing longer acting, more effective and less expensive versions of currently marketed protein therapeutics, and extending the patent life of such drugs.
Replacing monoclonal antibodies (“MAbs”)with our proprietary Trans-bodies, which avoid the intellectual property issues of MAbs and can be produced much more inexpensively.

The products selected for our pipeline focus on proven drug targets and work through known biological pathways, allowing for expedited pre-clinical development.