Technology Platform

Many biopharmaceuticals face difficulties in development and commercialization due to pharmacological issues. For example, many peptides that are currently approved or in development have a very short half-life, requiring both high and frequent dosing.

Unwanted side effects from high peak levels can limit therapeutic benefit, and frequent through low levels may narrow the application of the particular product. High dosing per patient also places a further burden on already limited manufacturing capacity, driving up the cost of treatment, as in the case of monoclonal antibodies and other high-priced biopharmaceuticals.

BioRexis’ unique proprietary technology platform enables the production of superior biopharmaceuticals by genetically engineering protein and peptide drugs into the scaffold of a natural variant of the human plasma protein transferrin. This engineered fusion protein significantly enhances drug half-life, from minutes or hours to¬†several days or weeks. BioRexis has developed and solely owns this technology.